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It can be sad to say GOODBYE to a loved one or a treasured pet, but goodbyes are a part of our lives. Or maybe you have happier reasons to say goodbye, like giving up smoking, weight loss, moving house, leaving school or a job or even fare welling someone going overseas. We need to see in your project how our word inspired you. If it isn’t obvious in your work, then please explain it in your post.

MONOCHROMATIC colours can be very symbolic and can portray strong emotions. Whatever you choose to create about, we want to see multiple shades of one colour or your project.

It's always hard to say goodbye but sometimes you have to do it even if it breaks you heart.
I retired in March after almost 40 year at sea.The pic is from my last ship MS Viking Grace.
On aina yhtä vaikea jättää jäähyväisiä varsinkin tällaiselle ihmiselle joka itkee herkästi. Mutta näitä tilanteita tulee kuten itselleni kun maaliskuun 15 pvä astuin viimeisen kerran laivasta liki 40 merivuoden jälkeen.Kuvassa viimeisin laivani MS Viking Grace.


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