CSI Case file S365-10

Thank U CSI for this opportunity. It's an honor to be part of your team for one month

We're so lucky to have Prima's phenomenal design team joining us as Guest Detectives this month. This week, Camille Eckman, Jennifer Snyder, Kelly Foster, and Nine bring us inspiration.
Our Special Agent for December is Ali Parris, editor of Scrap365. Ali's work is so beautiful, and I just couldn't resist inviting her to serve as Special Agent for this last month of the CSI-Scrap365 collaboration. Ali picked out our Scene for this month's Scrap365 Case File.
As always, we have a special team of Special Investigators, handpicked from our CSI members. These ladies' work in the gallery consistently catches our eye. Please welcome Lena Holstrom, Susanna Granroth, and Nina Straume.
We are also happy to introduce our Special Deputies, whose layouts were chosen as our favorites from the October Scrap365 Case File: Andrea Martin, Amy Petrou, Sofi Soderlund, Christele Breuil, and Vicki Christensen.
Please visit our Guest Designer forum to say hi and visit their blogs if you haven't yet had a chance. (This will be posted later.)
For December, we decided to celebrate all things winter, and Ali Parris chose our beautiful Scene that reminds us of the warmth and coziness of winter, despite the cold outside.
So, are you ready for this week's challenge? Grab your forensics kits, CSI members, and get ready for some serious sleuthing as we open Case File No. S365-10.

The scheme : all 5 colors
Evidence: jars,metal,use something powdery(embossing)tags,distressing,flowers
Testimony: Document a winter favorite. Late nights when i light a candle,dark outside and frosted windows, a snowy forest,Christmas time, running in cold weather, Finnish sauna , hot chai tee with milk. That the best thing in winter time. I'm so Thankful for my family and the time we spend together. Love U all

Materials: old newspaper, embossing powder,Primary Elemets Lumin 
arte, Inga gold.


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