Dried branches and angels

                    First project made of my Christmas kit. Dried branches and angels.
                       Eka projekti CCB joulukitistä. Kuivuneita oksia ja enkeleitä.

                                          Muovikelmusta pää - Head made of plastic wrap

Canvas Corp Brands offer you my  favorite holiday goodies and for this holiday season only, you can get this $40+ value kit for just $24.99.
lena favourite christmas craft supplies tattered angels canvas corp 7gypsies architextures
                                   Lena’s Favorite Craft Supplies collection includes:

  • Selection of Canvas Corp Printed Cardstock Papers
  • Canvas Corp Printed Cardboard 
  • Canvas Corp Mini Red Clothespins 
  • Canvas Corp Jute Ball
  • Canvas Corp Red Jute
  • Canvas Cor Red Flower
  • Canvas Corp Red Burlap Flower
  • Canvas Corp Red & Black Fringe
  • Canvas Corp Black 12×12 Fabric
  • Canvas Corp Red 12×12 Burlap
  • 7gypsies Keys
  • Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Red Cardinal

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