Florida on my mind

 Few weeks ago i was asked if i have or how i would decorate my own Florida room. 
 Okey, I don't have but i can decorate my home in " Florida on my mind"style

At this moment we have a lot of sunshine here in Finland, but it's not too long when it´s rainy and cold again. And that time it`s always nice to cheer yourself up  by bringing something new to decorate your home whit. Something that brings sun and warm weather to your mind, like in Florida,
I don´t like to buy anything expensive since i like recycling. I think it makes sense to give things a new life. Somebody's trash can be a treasure for me.So buy some paint and you can create amazing things.You do´t have to be an artist to do that. Go with flow, paint with relaxed and positive mind.

                                    At first this ladder was ugly dark brown.Now it's more in my style

                                            Serve cupcakes and coffee on driftwood

                                                          High heels and typewriter

                                                           Dry twigs and driftwood

My favorite earrings

I did  this of old wood plank.
Dry twigs and light chain.

                                       I found the black chair in my brothers summer cottage
                                                                   Leftover paint

                                                Do you see the letters? And the word is?

                                                               Paint a canvas


Wine cork and small plants 
Old window is a memo board 
                                        I love old books. There is something special in them.
                                               I'm lying on a beach and dreaming......
                If this post inspired you and you`d like to continue feeling the Florida vibes,
                            I suggesting looking at these  beautiful homes!

                                                         Thank you for stopping by!
                                                                  - Lena-

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