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Hattu sanomalehdistä

Irtoripset Seppälästä

Materials: old newspaper, black gesso, eyelashes,Inka Gold,
crystal stickers,Mechanicals/metal embellishments,stencils(Prima),texture
paste,stamps ( K-designs/ Enjoy life one piece at a time)

                            Creative Gym - Exercise #7

The Power of One

The rules are simple:
- use 1 stencil;
- 1 stamp;
- then pick 1 colour - and you can use paint/mists/inks/pencils/beads/glitter/embellishments etc in your chosen color, plus black and white everything as well (for example when choosing a photo).

When restricted to using a limited range of materials you have to explore other ways of adding interest to your work. So what could you do?
You can use varying SHADES of the one colour you choose, going from dark to light. You can add PATTERN by way of the stamp you choose, patterned papers, chipboard and the stencil you choose. You can also add detail with TEXTURE by way of pastes and gels, fibres, beads and embellishments.Once you start you will find you are not really that restricted, and many creative ideas will become evident.

                                            This was a fun project. Hope you like my light head!

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